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Restoration and Repairs

Instrument repairs

Our highly trained luthiers have studied violin and bow restoration with masters of the trade and have over a decade of experience restoring and repairing violins.

Our goals:

  • To provide honest, expert advice on repairs and restorations
  • To take the time and care needed to ensure the instruments enduring quality
  • To set up and adjust each instrument for maximum tonal response
  • To return your instrument as quickly as possible
    (loaners may be available for extended repairs)

All work is guaranteed.

Basic Setup

  • Peg refitting
  • Bridge cutting and refitting
  • Soundpost fitting and adjustment
  • Fingerboard planing
  • Recutting or replacement of upper and lower saddles

Comprehensive Repairs

  • Major and minor touch up and varnishing
  • Neck resetting
  • Crack repair with interior cleating
  • Bassbar replacement
  • Replacing interior blocks or linings
  • Other restorations as needed

Bow Restorations

Restorations include headsplines, new bone tips, screw and eyelet replacement and, of course, fine bow rehairing.

Luthier Training

Jan Hampton repairing an instrument

Jan Hampton

  • Violin Institute at University of New Hampshire
  • Horst Klauss, Master Violin Maker
  • Lynn Hannings, Master Bow Maker
  • Hans Nebel, Master Violin Maker
  • Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts